Professional calculator for advanced mathematical tasks

WindowCE altready contains a calculator. Nevertheless, this calculator is quite a simple one and can make standard calculations like *, -, /, + and square root extraction.

RealCalculator can do much more. It includes:

  • Scientific calculator
  • Function plotter
  • Matrix-calculator
  • Calculator for complex numbers
  • Computer-calculator (hex, bin, oct, dec)
  • Function calculator
  • Numerical equations solver
  • Statistic calculator
  • Metrics-converter

Apart from that, it pursuits a different concept: Normally, all input is directly calculated, so you have problems with the sequence of your operations (e.g. * comes before -). RealCalculator stores all input in the input-field(s) and makes the calculation not until you have pressed the "="-button.



RealCalculator 3.2